Introducing Time Theft

What is STOP Time Theft?

It is a simple-to-use, yet powerful, tool that helps business owners save thousands of dollars in payroll overpayment by accurately capturing employees' work hours with 100% cheat-proof, web-based automation. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then STOP Time Theft is for you.

  • Do you send your employees to remote job sites and don't always know exactly what time they started or finished their tasks?
  • Do you do your payroll based on work hours reported by employees without actually being able to verify them?
  • Do you spend hours and hours manually tallying up your employees' timesheets before your payroll day?
  • Have you ever wondered if you are, as a business owner, overpaying your employees for hours they have not worked?

Time theft by employees is a real problem for many businesses when the management is unable to verify accuracy of time cards / timesheets submitted by employees. Paying regularly for time your employees have not actually worked can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Let's do some simple math to illustrate this. If a small business with 4 employees has a pay rate of $30/hour, and each employee adds just 15 minutes extra in the morning and another 15 minutes in the evening to their daily time sheets, the employer then overpays 2 hours (30 min * 4 employees = 120 minutes) every day. For a regular month with 22 work days, time theft of total 44 hours occurs, costing the business at least $1,320 (44hrs * $30/hr = $1,320).

Time theft is not always easy to detect and often a sensitive topic to discuss with your employees as it could damage the foundation of trust at the work place. STOP Time Theft solves this problem by bringing transparency to your timesheet capturing process and taking away blind trust out of the equation.

"Trust in a work place is essential. It would be even better if your trust is given not blindly. Eliminate the 'blind trust' factor from your work environment and you will save yourself from potential disappointments."

STOP Time Theft

Key Features

Completely Automated Way of Tracking Your Employees' Work Hours

Eliminate hours of administrative time you spend for manually tracking and tallying up your employees' work hours.

Benefits For Employees

No more paper time cards to fill out every work day.
Know exactly how many hours you've worked.
Know how many hours you've worked per job site or project.
Keep track of specific tasks you've completed by writing notes.
Get email notification each time you submit your timesheet.
Know your job site location through dynamic Google Maps markers.
If applicable, upload BEFORE and AFTER photos of your task directly from your smartphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to manage everything myself?

Yes. You will have full control over managing your employees' timesheets, including the following:

  • Create and manage your job sites and indicate which jobs are currently ongoing and which ones are completed. Employees will see only currently active jobs when they capture their timesheets.
  • Control which job sites should require Geo Location detection when employees submit their timesheets
  • Control which job sites should require BEFORE and AFTER photos
  • Create and manage your employees' login credentials
  • Create and manage your Notes. You can set notes to be private or visible to your employees.
  • Review and validate timesheets submitted by your employees. You can change BEGIN or END time values.
  • Print or email timesheet records to designated recipients

Does the location detection feature affect my employees' privacy?

No. It detects the location of your employees only at the exact moment they are capturing their BEGIN or END times. It is not capable of tracking employees beyond that. Also, you can turn off this feature completely if your situation does not require you needing to know your employees' physical location when they submit their timesheets.

How many job or project sites can I manage?

There is no limit on how many project sites you can manage or how many years worth of timesheet records you could capture. Because it captures a very small amount of text data every day, you can keep your employees' timesheets for many years to come.

Does it allow multiple BEGIN and END times per day for the same job?

Yes. Employees may work between multiple job sites during the day, thus they can capture their working hours accurately each time they come and go.

Can some notes be hidden from employees' view if they are for Admin reference only?

Yes. You can decide which notes are to be visible to your employees and which ones should remain private to business owners only.

Are BEFORE and AFTER photos required for each job?

No. You can turn on or off this feature depending on the nature of a job or task at hand. For example, if you are in a road-salting business, you may require before and after photos each time your crew completes a job, but if you are in a construction business, then it may not be applicable, thus you can turn off the feature.

Can we email timesheet records to our clients for transparent billing / invoicing purposes?

Yes. You can either email it directly to people or print them out. If timesheet records include before and after photos, then those photos will be automatically included in the nicely formatted HTML email your intended recipients would receive. Accurately captured timesheets backed by real time location and/or before and after photos certainly add a powerful transparency factor to your business operation when you deal with your clients and customers.

Do we purchase the STOP Time Theft tool and install it ourselves?

No, we will have to set it up under your website hosting account as it requires some configuration to reflect your specific needs and website hosting environment. If you don't have a website or hosting account, we can take care of that too. Please contact us with your specific needs and we can create a customized version of our tool for your use.

How much does the STOP Time Theft tool cost?

The cost varies depending on any customizations you would require to make it uniquely fitting to your specific business needs. We can tweak and customize it anyway you like. Please contact us with your specific needs and we can provide you an accurate quote.

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