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Organizing your hundreds, if not thousands, of receipts and keeping track of your expenses properly and accurately is a daunting task for any business. Yet it is a must do for accounting or tax purposes. Especially, if you are a small business owner, the chances are you find yourself staring at piles of receipts and spend hours sorting and recording them on a regular basis. It can be very time consuming tedious process. By capturing your expense records in real time as you go, you can make your accounting and projects cost tracking much easier.

Super Fast File Uploader

Is it really that fast to upload receipt photos?

When you send photos to your friend via text messages your smartphone compresses and resizes them to small enough sizes instantly for quick delivery, right? Our photo compression algorithm does it similarly. When high resolution photo is chosen for upload, our tool converts the big picture file into a specially encoded text string and it is sent to the server for further processing. And becauase it is now a text string, rather than big photo file, its size is already reduced by over 100 times. And when the server receives the encoded text data, a reverse algorithm is applied and converts it back to a photo file and saves it on your website. The result is a photo with much smaller file size, yet high enough resolution for people to enjoy.


Snap photos of your receits or expense records on your phone in seconds and proper accounting record is created instantly.

Key Features

Completely Automated Way of Tracking Your Business Expenses and Receipts

Eliminate hours of administrative time you spend for manually tracking and tallying up your expenses and / or project costs.

How Much Does It Cost?

As low as Tim Horton's cup of double double...


That's right. You can automate many of your daily business admin tasks on the go for a cost of just one cup of Tim Hortons ($1.99) coffee per user per day.

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$1.99 per user per day
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Employee Timesheets Management

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Expense / Receipts Management

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Invoice Management

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Quotes / Estimates Management

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Includes features valued at $382.50/month for free.

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If you would like to use it without any limits and restrictions, you can purchase our lifetime usage license and save $1000s. We set it up as a stand-alone online tool for your organization's use only. Please contact us for for pricing.

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